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Designing your POS so it’s not a POS

Regardless of whether the interface is intended to be used by a customer (novice) or an employee (expert), the key is to ensure that the POS interface is designed for the intended audience. To do this, organizations should engage users throughout the design process....

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Webisode: Why invest in global user research?

While many organizations see the value in user research, there is sometimes a reluctance to invest in a global research program. Bob Schumacher, editor of The Handbook of Global User Research, breaks down what organizations can gain from global research. This is the...

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Designing for Voice: The next phase of UX design

Good design involves understanding and incorporating core UX elements (people, environment, and tasks), but frictionless voice UI design needs more: UX designers need to understand the idiosyncrasies of voice as a medium. What we learn, and how those insights are translated into a voice interface design is a new challenge for UX design.

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The time for a better UX in digital therapeutics is now

If history has shown that payer behavior tends to shift once a critical mass has been achieved, and we are on the precipice of achieving that critical mass for digital therapeutics, having a “user friendly solution” is about to replace “having a reimbursable solution” as the #1 factor affecting physician prescribing behavior.

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