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Creatively curious

We value curiosity, ambition, and an entrepreneurial flare. We also believe in our employees; we have a culture that promotes empowerment, resourcefulness, and ingenuity.

Work hard, play hard

We are employee-owned, and our vision is for every long-term member of our team to share in the success they help create. This means we work passionately toward the same goal – to ensure every project results in happy clients. We also genuinely like each other (weird, right?), so we like to have fun together and make plenty of time for goofy nonsense (see: Slack channels).

What we do matters

We are fortunate to be part of an industry that makes a difference in millions of lives every day. We take this responsibility very seriously. One project might help to make a medical device safer to use while administering a life-saving drug, another might be to help ensure a system is accessible to special populations, and others might help reduce product returns or user frustration. Ultimately, we love what we do, and we know it matters!
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Assess usability of automotive mobile app workflows


case study

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Assess usability of automotive mobile app workflows

An auto manufacturer sought to evaluate key features and workflows of two different mobile app prototypes.


Our client's challenge

An auto manufacturer wanted to evaluate specific features and workflows of two different mobile app prototypes. We were tasked with understanding user preferences and methods of communication with dealerships, as well as identifying the needs and expectations of users to improve mobile app usability and feature discoverability.


Our approach

During one-on-one usability sessions, we asked participants to complete key tasks on the mobile application prototypes. We followed up by having participants compare specific features on the two prototypes. We collected feedback on first impressions, feature discoverability, usability, and general user experience.


Project insights

Our research identified a clear preference for one of the prototypes and further identified user needs and expectations for the mobile app experience. The data we captured helped to inform the design approach and guide decisions for future development.

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Why you should apply

A UX and HF consulting practice based in the Chicago area, we offer our researchers the opportunity to work with some of the coolest next-generation products out there. We partner with our clients to inform the design of best-in-class experiences, and we have a great time doing it!

Diverse projects

We are a team of seasoned UX & HF professionals who believe in the importance of designing products and services that are useful, usable, and engaging across every industry. We work to expose team members to a wide variety of research diversity.

Incredibly collaborative team

Over the years, the most often cited benefits of working with us have been our incredibly collaborative and supportive team and fun and casual work environment.

Investment in your professional growth

Opportunities to publish, attend conferences, and teach frequently arise. We also foster a mentorship-model training program.