EcoX: Workforce

Our business is people.

We apply user experience and human factors principles and best practices to craft recommendations that help organizations do better, design better, and deliver better experiences to their customers, patients, diners, passengers, and employees.

We’re here to help

Organizational leaders are facing unprecedented and unexpected challenges as they work to achieve business goals. With COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter cultural awakening, it’s clear that employees’ wants and needs from their managers and their companies are changing. People in our country are frustrated, scared, tired, and angry; this is impacting businesses and employees alike.

Together, we want to amplify and strengthen your organizational work already in motion. Our goal is to support you with the research chops, the analytical mindset, and the hands-on HR experience to get things done.

These are brand new priorities for everybody. We are confident that successful organizations will focus on areas like:

Authentic data about your team’s concerns and needs — no overindexing on the squeaky wheel nor underindexing on the person too worried to speak up

Smooth, smart systems for managers and employees to know about all company-offered programs and how to use them

A willingness to be experimental, to try new approaches, and be ready to admit when something needs to evolve

Respect for individual needs, while being mindful of favoritism and inequities

Well-thought through policies and processes that are easily accessed and understood

Clear, published people goals for each fiscal year

Why we’re different

We know that time is tight, resources are stretched, and yet the organizational needs are many. We are well-equipped to meet your team where you are and help propel you forward in your people journey.

We aren’t your typical HR consultancy. We aren’t looking to sell you on our next project or on our SaaS solution around the corner. We are and have always been focused on people and their experiences, designing these experiences with research-based recommendations. Our perspective is on execution and adoption by focusing on engaging experiences, which is critical during this period of change and reflection.