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The future of fan engagement: How do you measure goosebumps?

by | Feb 19, 2018

One of the CES presentations I attended was a panel in the sports technology track called, The Future of Fan Engagement. The panel discussed cutting-edge research in the sports tech market and perspectives on the relationship between emergent media technologies and sports fandom. Sandra Lopez, Vice President at Intel, posed the question, how do you measure goosebumps? The industry wants to move away from impression-based impact to experience-based impact. Time spent watching might not be as relevant in a world of immersive media. Is there a new standard? How do we measure sponsorship, analytics, or future data that doesn’t even exist yet! The future is always hard to predict but even harder to predict if you can’t measure it. In what ways do you see an opportunity for UX to lead this industry revolution? Is going after ‘goosebumps’ the right direction? What do you think? Join the discussion and comment below!

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  1. Gavin

    So, the point here is that traditional measures do not capture the experiences we embrace of LIVE Sports events…

    Imaging plugging in electrodes to watch a game. Bumping the chip bowl during commercials… IS this tech practical? Is it even ready for PRIMETIME in its accuracy?

    As UXers, what are we missing? What are we missing in our attempt to capture the experience? Is the environment, social interactions?

    What are the goosebump events?


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