Remote moderated testing

There are times when remote testing is the best way to capture data depending on budget, geography, or participant access.

Observe research live via any number of remote-viewing platforms. Remote testing works well for usability testing of websites and mobile applications, exploratory interviews, and investigating current practices when paired with digital ethnography. This approach is also useful if the target group is spread across large geographies. Higher sample sizes are also easier to achieve due to cost-effectiveness.

Remote research process

Capture research data effectively no matter
where your user is located.

Start the process


Be as diligent about remote research preparation as you are for any research.


Plan for more sessions than you need. Account for more time between sessions and fewer sessions per day to allow for technical issues.



Obtain and document
informed consent remotely.

Tech logistics

Pilot session conducted via
conferencing platform.

Remote Testing

Take advantage of time zones to capture data outside working hour participation.



If relying on tech outside of your
control, prepare for connection
issues, platform lags, & tech fails.


Use a note taker
just as you would for
an in-person session.

Data Analysis & Reporting

Gather data necessary to achieve the best possible outcomes. This is no different than in-person research.


Remote testing

View our case study:
Travel website & mobile website usability

We partner with you to get engaging data in any environment.

Remote moderated testing ensures research can be conducted and viewed
in almost any environment while maintaining data integrity.

Remote testing insights

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