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Robert Posluszny

Technology Coordinator

Robert utilizes his background in customer service and technology support to coordinate technology needed for a diverse range of applications. Having worked in consumer technology support for more than ten years, he enjoys connecting with project members to find the right solution to deliver the best results. Being passionate in technology, he understands the unique challenges technology can create and is able to simplify processes to make them more adaptable for team members.

Bold facts

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Something unique about you summed up in one sentence:

I'm the rare blend of a nerd who can play board games all night, and the athlete who can strike you out with a nasty 12-6 curveball.

Your favorite city in the world is...and why?

Washington D.C. My dad took me when I was younger and I'll always remember that trip.

In your spare time (or if you had spare time), you would absolutely do this:

Take a deep dive into a sci-fi shooter video game.

Share an interesting fact or a special skill:

I learned to ice skate when I was 3 years old.

What superpower would you most want?

Teleportation! Being able to skip the morning commute or be in a new city every hour sounds amazing!

You cannot start the day without doing this:

Catching up on the current news.

Favorite book or TV show:

Game of Thrones

What would be your most valuable zombie apocalypse skill?

Being able to navigate escape routes.
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