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Moderators should put themselves in the position of learning from the participant. Keeping a few tips in mind can facilitate this process and produce a more fruitful UX research session.

Be the student: 4 tips to be a better UX research moderator

Flip questions back to the participant

Use the participant’s terminology

Avoid yes/no questions

Avoid baking the answer into the question

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"When we formed Bold Insight, one of the things that we really wanted to do was to take risks."

~ Gavin Lew, Managing Partner

"Collectively we have gained so much knowledge. Everybody is open to sharing with each other in order to bring about the best experience. Not only for the customer, but the best experience for our clients."

~ Jesse Keshen, Researcher

"To be the best requires a buy-in from every single employee to have a quality mindset and a commitment to providing the best quality product."

~ Andrew Zawisza, Quality Director


What we do matters.

How we do it matters, too.

Our work touches every stage of the product development cycle and we take that responsibility seriously. From adapting quickly to ensure research continues seamlessly during a pandemic to carefully planning global studies with unique considerations, we’ve done it all. We are dedicated to the goal of better user experience through research and we love to share what we’ve learned along the way!


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