Apply mixed methods approach to explore user experiences and market trends in remote healthcare

A wearable technology company wanted to understand the current telehealth landscape in hopes of identifying unexpected insights about the future of telehealth, particularly in the age of COVID-19.


A wearable technology company was interested in learning about the needs, wants, and desires of telehealth users and about the opportunities and challenges presented by remote care platforms and technologies. The company was also interested in exploring related systems, products, and services in the hopes of generating unexpected insights about the future of telehealth.


We developed a mixed methods approach that used IDIs, survey research, desk research, and real-time process mapping to understand the landscape of telehealth. Methodology specifically considered the wants and needs of patients and healthcare providers as well as the effects of COVID-19 on the global adoption, trust, access, and usage of telehealth technologies.


Desk research assessed remote healthcare models, trends, and case studies, and assisted in generating research questions. In-depth interviews and co-creation sessions with patients and healthcare providers explored real-world challenges and experiences directly from users. A visual representation of telehealth activities experienced by participants was developed and used to identify areas of opportunity.




Customer journey, Desk research, In-depth interview


Wearable device