Research sessions

On the road, in a pharmacy, or in our labs, our goal for in-person or remote research is the same: to capture the best data possible.

We incorporate multiple strategies to encourage natural-use behavior in our testing environments; our experienced UX lab experts design and build labs to capture every key user interaction with your device.

What does a lab session look like?

Observe behavior and interactions with your product or device while users perform tasks.

Context matters! We can collect data in virtually any environment or simulate it in our labs.

Rapidly iterate designs and test to measure changes.

Research-driven insights

Whether you’re behind the glass on location, or observing from your home office via live stream, you won’t miss out on the incredible insights that are gained from watching users interact with your product.

How we interact

During all test sessions, moderators are supported by observing teams if additional probing is needed or questions by your team arise. Sessions can vary:

Individual session

A typical user research session is a one-on-one, simulated use test or interview with a participant and moderator.


Testing may benefit from dyad sessions; this might include a parent and child or doctor and assistant. The moderator navigates this session to gain insight from both participants.

Small group

Small groups (3-5 participants) are sometimes used in UX research, however, these are generally used in combination with individual sessions.

Focus groups

We find a focus group style session (generally 6-8 participants) is helpful when a panel of experts is needed.