Our established relationships with recruiters, research facilities, clinical sites, and other project vendors support our consistently high-quality service delivery and project success.

Confident, consistent, on budget.

We have hand-selected recruit and facilities vendors with which we have years of experience as strategic partners. We pass our cost savings and confidence in their quality along to you.

Global partners

ReSight Global

ReSight Global is a family of curious researchers helping you deliver outstanding experiences to your customers. Bold Insight is the US and UK location of ReSight Global. Other country locations include Japan (Uism), China (XplusX), Germany and Switzerland (uintent). All of our ReSight Global companies are employee-owned! Learn more about our locations by visiting


Bold Insight is the exclusive the US partner of the UXalliance, a user experience (UX) network of 26 UX research and design companies across five continents and more than 50 countries. Since 2005, the UXalliance has helped global organizations deliver successful, localized products through research, insight, and design coordinated seamlessly with one point of contact. For more information about the UXalliance, visit

Recruitment and facilities partners


This partnership provides Bold Insight’s clients primary access to unique and flexible research spaces in Chicago and its suburbs, as well as seamless project management throughout the recruit and fieldwork stages of research.

Bold Insight is committed to constantly improving the ease of communication with research partners, thereby improving the speed of communication to clients. Having worked with the team at Focuscope for many years, the relationships established directly benefits clients and is further solidified with this partnership.

Focuscope is a Chicago based Market Research Company providing both recruitment services and state of the art focus group facilities. They believe that research doesn’t have to feel complicated. The approach, tools, and experience deliver the insights needed for a successful project. They pride themselves in the quality and diversification in of their community. Visit for more information.

Focus Pointe Global

This partnership provides Bold Insight’s clients access to uniquely curated research spaces in Chicago and its suburbs, as well as facilities across the country to support multi-city projects. 

Bold Insight sought a partner to provide flexible research facilities and high-quality research participant recruitment in Chicago and other desirable research locations across the nation. Focus Pointe Global’s QualPanel® provides a powerful resource to meet clients’ demanding recruiting needs spanning all industries. 

Located on the Magnificent Mile, Focus Pointe Chicago is convenient to both O’Hare and Midway airports, offering five spacious and soundproof conference rooms, private lounges, HD video, and a collaborative, responsive on-site team. 

Focus Pointe Global (FPG) is proud to now be a part of Schlesinger Group. FPG is a leading marketing research company offering a complete set of qualitative and quantitative data collection services supported by a 1.6 million double opted-in qualitative panel. In addition to Chicago Downtown and Oak Brook, FPG’s expansive network of research facilities are strategically placed across the US in major and secondary markets. FPG is dedicated to emerging technologies and is continually exploring ways to meet and exceed the demands of a fast-moving, increasingly mobile industry. Visit to learn more. 

Design agency partner

The Office of Experience

Over the last few years, the impact of user experience (UX) on an organization’s brand has become clear to our clients. We knew that the same organizations undergoing digital transformation and brand evolution would be best served underpinning this evolution with user research and a unique blend of design agency and innovation strategy experts. Because of this, one of the first things we did when we started Bold Insight was call The Office of Experience (OX) to forge a strategic partnership.

We have worked together in various capacities for more than 10 years, whether on client side or consultancy, we’ve worked on everything from ecommerce (both online and in-store) to digital transformations within non-profit organizations. The first time we saw an output of OX – what they deliver to the C-suite – we were impressed. It was not only gorgeous, but it was rooted in user-centered design thinking. Many companies say they do design thinking, but what OX produces for clients can really move the needle. They have a specialty that UX teams typically don’t have and creating a partnership with them would benefit our clients and theirs.

The Office of Experience (OX) is a design and digital innovation agency that helps companies excel at every point of interface with their customers. By integrating strategy, design. and technology, OX ensures that the brands and experiences of clients operate as one, bridging expectation and reality to build value. In an era where the experience is the brand, OX is built to deliver. Visit