Research facilities

Our labs provide endless possibilities for simulated environments; from a living room to a kitchen to an ER, we work to provide the ideal environment in which to capture data.

Collect high quality data in custom-designed UX research labs

Both our downtown and suburban facilities offer multiple flexible spaces designed to accommodate your users in a variety of natural-use environments. With a dedicated Client Services Coordinator to welcome participants, and amenities like unlimited copies and snacks, we guarantee you’ll have an outstanding experience at our research labs!

Downers Grove, IL

2001 Butterfield Rd., Suite 260, Downers Grove, IL, 60515


  • Located in Chicago’s western suburbs
  • 7 test rooms, test kitchen, and automotive testing space
  • Simultaneous sessions
  • 3 observation rooms (dual-observation available)
  • Client ante rooms
  • Video & audio streaming from all test rooms
  • Free parking on-site
  • Starbucks in the building!

Chicago, IL

125 S. Wacker Dr., Suite 3020, Chicago, IL, 60606


  • Located in the heart of the Chicago Loop
  • Simultaneous sessions
  • Spacious observation room with one-way glass
  • Reception space
  • 4 flexible test rooms
  • Large multi-purpose area for groups
  • Video & audio streaming from all test rooms
  • Public transportation available

Amenities and services

Clients reserving any test room or test suite at either of our facilities receive the following amenities:
  • Unlimited copies and administrative support throughout fieldwork
  • Organized and managed catering to ensure dietary restrictions are considered
  • Access to breakout rooms and break area with refrigerator and sink
  • Unlimited copies and snacks
  • Onsite, covered parking
To ensure an outstanding participant experience, a dedicated Client Services Coordinator is stationed in our reception area to:
  • Validate participant identification, including COVID vaccine status, if required
  • Administer consent forms
  • Distribute incentives
  • Collect all information needed to support every individual project requirement

Test suites and observation rooms

Our flexible test suite configurations were purpose-built to support a wide range of testing scenarios. Our team will collaborate closely with you to select the optimal combination of rooms and options to align with your project’s objectives.

Take a closer look at the features available to mix and match as we design your ideal testing solution:

Flexible footprint for a wide range of product types

Our suites are designed to cater to products of all shapes and sizes – from fitness machines to compact consumer electronics – ensuring a comfortable fit for every testing need.

Adaptable environments for simulated settings

Flexible layouts transform to replicate diverse environments – from bustling hospital rooms with multiple beds to cozy living rooms, perfect for testing entertainment devices.

Ideal for focus groups and multi-participant sessions

We provide an atmosphere conducive to interactive discussions and information sharing for groups of various sizes.

Seamless on-site and remote viewing

One-way mirrors and strategically placed cameras allow stakeholders to view sessions from adjoining observation rooms or remote locations.

Cameras positioned to capture user interaction

Enhance your understanding of user behaviors, preferences, and pain points in real-time.

Specialized testing options

Our suburban facility boasts a fully-equipped test kitchen and on-site, all-season automotive testing.

Explore our facilities

We offer a wide array of options and suite configurations in both our suburban and downtown locations. Our team will collaborate with you to select the right facility to support your project goals.

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