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Assess usability of automotive mobile app workflows


case study

Assess usability of automotive mobile app workflows

Assess usability of automotive mobile app workflows

Assess usability of automotive mobile app workflows
Our client's challenge

An auto manufacturer wanted to evaluate specific features and workflows of two different mobile app prototypes. We were tasked with understanding user preferences and methods of communication with dealerships, as well as identifying the needs and expectations of users to improve mobile app usability and feature discoverability.

Assess usability of automotive mobile app workflows
Our approach

During one-on-one usability sessions, we asked participants to complete key tasks on the mobile application prototypes. We followed up by having participants compare specific features on the two prototypes. We collected feedback on first impressions, feature discoverability, usability, and general user experience.

Assess usability of automotive mobile app workflows
Our insights

Our research identified a clear preference for one of the prototypes and further identified user needs and expectations for the mobile app experience. The data we captured helped to inform the design approach and guide decisions for future development.

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Automotive research

Over the last 20 years, we have worked in complex, global-scale projects with some of the top car brands. The continuous crossover OEM experience has furthered our auto-HMI expertise to your benefit. 

Drive safely through all steps of development

We have completed projects on a global level from early Axure prototypes to fully concluded benchmarks and everything in between.


  • Proof of concept
  • Low-fidelity prototypes
  • Lab-based UX testing

UX Clinics

  • Static UX testing
  • Dynamic UX testing


  • Individual metrics design
  • Implementation and

App & web UX

  • Agile UX testing
  • International research

Explore & understand

The automotive industry has gone through an epic disruption with challenges galore. Autonomous driving, the sharing economy, and electric motorization require us to renew our understanding of car users and their needs.

Autonomous driving creates completely new user groups (passengers, pedestrians etc.) with new needs towards entertainment, functionalities, and communication.

Inform your new concepts by early user research data to understand how your products can better face future challenges and needs.

Understand and compare competitor features to learn what works and what doesn’t.

Research tools we use:

  • Ethnography
  • Contextual inquiry
  • Concept assessments
  • Focus groups
  • Comparative usability testing

Design & iterate

Outsource the building of functional test prototypes that work in connection with driving simulator software (i.e. for change lane tasks).

Test low fidelity prototypes and concepts in a lab-based setting for a quick and cost efficient turnaround.

Test your car’s holistic user experience in the only realistic setting – the road.

Run your static UX test right at our location and make use of these logistic advantages for observers, participants and tech setup.

Research tools we use:

  • Prototyping
  • Rapid iterative testing (RITE)
  • Usability / UX testing
  • Expert review
  • Card sorting & tree testing
  • UX clinics

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