Bold culture

When you select a research vendor, you evaluate research acumen (check), depth and breadth of expertise (check), quality commitment (certified), maybe even global reach (definitely). But how much do you check out their company culture?

Why does culture matter?

At the core, company culture is about communication: how management communicates, how project teams communicate, the channels in place to encourage that communication, and the style and transparency with which all of this happens. Consistent, honest, comfortable communication makes projects better, more successful, easier to be a part of and, dare we say, enjoyable! Our Bold culture sets us miles apart from other vendors because of what it means to our working relationship with you.

Can you be serious about research and have fun?

Spoiler alert: Yes

Collecting data is serious business. Sometimes our work accompanies FDA submissions – we know it’s a serious business; it’s important that we cross the “t’s”, follow strict privacy laws, have certified quality standards that mandate how data is handled, training is executed and tracked, company processes are constantly measured and improved, meet some of the strictest data security procedures in the world demanded by Fortune 50 companies. We get all that and we’re good at it. And guess what, we employ people who LOVE this stuff!

We also love to design a lab that will capture the interaction we were tasked to evaluate and measure – even if that interaction happens in a car, in a plane cabin, while scaling a cliff or canoeing in the ocean, in a kitchen, a hospital pharmacy, or in our controlled lab environment. (BTW, we did all of that – ask us about it!) We love the challenge and get so excited to figure out how to do it while adhering to our science-backed methodologies.

THAT’S company culture. Your research vendor should get excited when you lay out your research challenge – even if it seems ‘standard’ to you. Your research challenge motivates us, animates us, gets us out of bed in the morning.

Your research vendor should care so much about data integrity that they develop a certified quality system for UX and HF research and weave it into all parts of the business.

Working with a team that seeks out employees with this kind of passion will never disappoint.


98% of employees said Bold Insight is a great place to work, demonstrating our commitment to an employee-first culture.


Bold Insight is once again a Crain’s Chicago Business Best Place to Work, making the list for the third year in a row!

Inc. Best Workplaces 2023

Bold Insight has once again been recognized on Inc. magazine's annual ranking of the Best Workplaces for 2023, marking our second appearance on this prestigious list.


Bold Insight recognized as one of Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing companies in the Midwest. This list represents a unique look at the most successful companies within the Midwest region economy’s most dynamic segment–its independent small businesses.

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Our mission

For our clients:

To be a trusted research partner who cares about the success of your product as much as you do, and to consistently provide the insight needed to create safer and more efficient, effective, and engaging experiences for your customers.

For our employees:

To nurture a fun, collaborative work environment that imparts cultural values of empowerment, creativity, and accountability; to reward your dedication with opportunities for professional development and to share in the success of the business.

For our world:

To give back to the community by actively participating in the advancement of our field and to support noble causes, all with an eye towards improving the way in which humans interact with products and services around the world.

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