Co-create high-growth concepts and AR business modelling

A global telecommunications company sought to explore areas of opportunity for growth in the augmented reality space.


A provider of telecommunication services sought to increase its strategies in the consumer space with targeted expansion into the augmented reality (AR) market.
With high saturation in existing business sectors, they sought to identify innovative AR concepts and develop strategies to take a leadership position in an evolving marketplace.


Our research focused on market dynamics, technological advancement, and consumer need. In partnership with The Office of Experience, we identified and explored seven key opportunity spaces with high growth potential in both the mobile phone and wearable AR markets.


We proposed over 100 unique concepts within the seven key opportunity spaces identified by our initial research. A broad range of concepts were presented, both large and small, encompassing multiple use cases.
We offered long-range recommendations to aid in developing both immediate and near-future concepts that could be tested with consumers.


Consumer technology


Co-creation workshop, Exploratory / Foundational


Augmented reality (AR)