Assess functionality of mobile app through expert evaluation and prototype design

A global technology company sought to assess a new mobile application with a focus on usability and features.


We were asked to evaluate various aspects of three functionalities on the company’s mobile phone app. Our client was interested in screen flow, navigation, layout, and user awareness of key features, as well as, user interface issues.


Our team conducted expert evaluations of the app on three device platforms. On each platform, we completed tasks to evaluate the issues of concern to our client. After reviewing specification documents, we created a prototype to illustrate the optimal page flow.


The result was a platform-independent clickable flow document that our client could use to design future mobile apps. The specifications document that we provided detailed the ways in which the flow would change based on the device for which it was designed. These tools refined the client’s design iteration process and integrated three previously disparate designs into one standardized design and flow.


Consumer technology


Design, Expert Review


Mobile app / Mobile device