Evaluate usability of mobile payment application

A global telecommunications company wanted to assess a mobile application with a focus on usability and features.


We were asked to evaluate the usability of a mobile payment application throughout user journeys. This included gaining an understanding of user expectations and comprehension of the prototype, as well as identifying potential opportunities for improvement in future updates.


Our team conducted remote in-depth interviews with current users of mobile payment applications to explore actions within three primary task flows. Participants were given task prompts as part of a guided walkthrough of the prototype and their subsequent actions were recorded, along with their answers to probing questions.


Analysis following data collection revealed areas of improvement in the app and instances where terminology used on the platform did not meet users’ expectations or mental models. User feedback and post-task ratings informed observed themes and prioritized opportunities for future research and development.


Consumer technology, Fintech


Formative / Evaluative, In-depth interview, Usability testing


Mobile and PC