Produce roadmap for voice-controlled gaming development

A global technology company needed guidelines for voice-controlled multi-platform game development.


A global technology company sought to explore the necessary considerations for developing voice-controlled multi-platform games – a space where its development was still at the infancy stage.
We were tasked to determine opportunities based on existing need and explore how to optimize voice-enabled technology into gameplay for various platforms and interactions.


Pain point identification and innovation involved a mixed-method approach. We conducted remote in-depth interviews with users across platforms. And then invited participants back to engage in co-creation sessions in triad sessions.
Co-creating concepts that do not yet exist is challenging. Our approach captured insights from users who had time to reflect, which leveraged the benefits of a mixed-method approach. 


We uncovered several trends, key among them being a strong desire to design social interaction and the need for customization of controls and interaction in voice-controlled gameplay.
Our research provided an evidence-based  roadmap for expanding and developing games for voice-controlled platforms. 


Consumer technology, Gaming


Formative / Evaluative, Remote testing


Gaming, Smart home, Voice-controlled technology