Assess market interest for smart speaker payment technology

A provider of digital payment services sought testing of various prototypes designed to allow customers to shop and pay using smart speaker technology.


A provider of digital payment technology sought to obtain feedback from potential consumers on the ideal process for making purchases via smart speakers.
We were asked to determine the level of interest in these services and identify possible barriers to enrollment and use.


All of our participants were daily users of smart speakers and some had previously used their smart speaker to make purchases. We asked them to share their opinions and evaluate several unique prototypes.
To encourage deeper discussion, we recruited pairs who were familiar with each other for dyad sessions. These sessions were followed with larger focus groups to uncover additional common insights.


Our research revealed the types of products and services consumers would be willing to purchase via smart speaker. Limitations of the service were also brought to light, with many users sharing common concerns.
Our detailed findings on consumer comfort with payment services for smart speakers ultimately helped position this technology for the future.


Consumer technology, Fintech


Exploratory / Foundational


Smart home, Voice-controlled technology