Investigate critical tasks needed for website functionality

A software company sought to understand usability issues unique to their real estate project development site and customers.


A software company sought to explore usability issues and challenges facing customers of their live real estate project development site. Bold Insight helped to develop a study investigating the existing website to uncover insights that would guide the functionality and development of current and future enhancements.


We recruited 9 participants with job titles related to real estate developing were recruited to participate in the study.
Both contextual interviews and usability testing were conducted. Participants completed critical use journeys using the company’s live site and then discussed specific pain points and expectations they faced while going through the journey.


This research revealed features on the site that were not inherent to users without assistance and/or did not function the way participants expected them to. It also provided feedback on the potential this product could have and the time and frustration that could be saved if certain features and aspects of the site were improved.


Consumer technology


Formative / Evaluative, Usability testing