Understand travel planning experience for populations with auditory and visual disabilities

A global technology company wanted to develop a more in-depth understanding of the travel booking process and travelling experience for populations with auditory and/or visual impairments.


A global technology company wanted to learn about the travel-planning process for populations with auditory and/or visual accessibility needs, especially as it related to booking accommodations. We conducted in-depth interviews and developed guidelines for effectively conducting accessible remote interviews with populations that identified as blind/low vision and deaf/hard of hearing.


We developed approaches to conducting in-depth interviews that accommodated the unique accessibility needs of the participants. In interviews, we discussed foundational travel needs with an emphasis on booking accommodations to learn about both populations’ current processes and procedures and to discover what type of information they sought out when booking travel.


This research provided insight into the information most important to each population as they researched travel and the methods they used and relied on to access that information and travel safely and comfortably. The study also uncovered more about participants’ experiences and desires surrounding what they looked for from their travels and identified tools that could improve their experience.


Travel and hospitality