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Is your product delivering a great user experience? Does it meet usability guidelines and principles? Or perhaps it needs to adhere to published standards. Whether you are in the early prototype stages or have a product on the market, our UX Expert Review is designed to empower your team with comprehensive insights into the usability and overall user experience of your products and services.


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What is a UX Expert Review?

An Expert Review is an assessment conducted by a UX expert of your product or interface based on an evaluation framework agreed upon by the stakeholders. It could be based on our decades of experience with similar products or on a framework that you have defined internally. We also offer Heuristic Reviews based on specific published standards or generally accepted design principles.

What do we deliver?

Holistic evaluation

Our team of seasoned UX experts meticulously assesses every aspect of your digital interface, from the overall layout to individual elements. We provide a comprehensive evaluation of the complete user experience.

Usability analysis

Uncover potential pain points and bottlenecks in user interaction. Our experts delve deep into the usability of your product, identifying areas for improvement that can significantly enhance the overall user journey.

User-centric recommendations

Receive actionable recommendations tailored to enhance user satisfaction. Our experts provide practical, user-centric solutions to address identified issues and optimize the user experience, keeping your audience at the forefront of every decision.

Accessibility assessment

Ensure your product is inclusive and accessible to a diverse audience. We assess your digital interface for compliance with accessibility standards, offering insights and recommendations to enhance usability for all users. Learn more about our accessibility expertise.

Competitive benchmarking

Gain a competitive edge by understanding how your product’s user experience compares to industry benchmarks. Our experts provide insights into best practices and innovative solutions adopted by competitors, helping you lead the industry.

Customized action plan

Receive a detailed action plan outlining steps to implement suggested improvements. We go beyond analysis; we equip you with a roadmap to success, guiding your team with actionable that will make a tangible impact on user satisfaction.

Why us?

Proven expertise

Our team comprises 100+ seasoned UX professionals with a wealth of experience in crafting exceptional experiences across all industries.

Custom solutions

We understand that every business is unique. Our recommendations are customized to align with your business goals and the needs of your users.

Strategic impact

Elevate your brand and drive customer loyalty by investing in a user experience that delights and engages. We are your strategic partner in achieving market success.

In the UK?

We have specialized services to address compliance with the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) Consumer Duty obligations.

Check UX: Consumer Duty

Check UX: Consumer Duty is a UX review to help companies ensure that their digital products and services align with the UX principles that speak to Consumer Duty compliance. By examining the user experience, we can identify:

  • Potential areas where customers may be misled or treated unfairly
  • Barriers to accessibility, such as complex language or confusing navigation, that may prevent customers from accessing information or services.
  • Areas to improve customer engagement and satisfaction- a crucial aspect of compliance.
  • By providing customers with clear and intuitive interfaces, companies can improve their customer’s experience, leading to higher engagement and greater customer loyalty. Our user-centric perspective allows us to review the interface(s) and deliver a service that will support your work.

We start with two things: (1) a deep reading of the FCA Consumer Duty, and (2) a set of established, well-defined guidelines within the user experience and human factors communities. Our UX experts take these guidelines and do a thorough review of one of your interfaces (either web, mobile, chat).

From this review, we produce a report that includes: an overall UX score, scoring on each of the four key outcomes, a report on where the user interface meets the requirements, and areas where it falls short.

(Disclaimer: Bold Insight Ltd is not affiliated with the FCA.)

Let’s connect to create a user experience that resonates and leaves a lasting, positive impression on your users!

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