Our established relationships with recruiters, research facilities, clinical sites, and other project vendors support our consistently high-quality service delivery and project success.

Confident, consistent, on budget.

We have hand-selected recruit and facilities vendors with which we have years of experience as strategic partners. We pass our cost savings and confidence in their quality along to you.

Global partners

Our reach extends to over 100 key markets.

As a ReSight Global company, we have 10 offices around the world including Munich, Hamburg, Basel, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangalore, Pune, and Bold Insight’s offices in Chicago and London. Together, we have shared guiding principles, values, and investment across all of our firms. Including a joint training program that is ISO-9001 quality certified in the US. 

We are also founding members and the exclusive US partner of the UXalliance, a network of 27 UX research and design companies across five continents and more than 50 countries. Since 2005, the UXalliance has helped global organizations deliver successful, localized products through research, insight, and design coordinated seamlessly with one point of contact.

Recruit and facility partners

We work side-by-side with trusted recruiting and facility partners, with whom we have long-standing relationships with, to ensure that the unique needs and aspects of each recruit are addressed and challenges anticipated.

Our vendors span many cities across the US and around the world. We pass our trust and negotiated discounts on to you.

Academic partners

Aligning with our mission to contribute and advance the UX industry, we participate in the University of Chicago internship program. We’re thrilled to foster a company culture of mentorship that fits naturally with student support and development.

DePaul University Summer Grant Program: Bridging AI & UX

Bold Insight worked with DePaul College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM) to establish a program that provided funds, guidance, and showcase opportunities for projects that bridge the artificial intelligence (AI) and UX fields. Student teams were asked to imagine, develop, and deploy cutting-edge projects that incorporate AI and have a positive cultural or social impact in our communities, while building positive awareness around AI as an interdisciplinary tool for use in building a better world.