Remote testing

Now is the ideal time to improve the UX of your mobile app

The impacts resulting from coronavirus are vast, and many of us hope to identify some things that can be made better because of it. One silver lining may be that it is the ideal time for service-based companies to invest in UX research to improve and enhance the design of their mobile apps. Bold...

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Human factors research in the times of COVID

How to continue to support development of safe and effective medical devices Many thought pieces are being pushed out around what remote research methods are available to replace research that would have otherwise been conducted in person if not for COVID. We’ve published some ourselves (Three...

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Three tips for conducting contextual research remotely

Conducting in-context research allows us to see action as it happens – show, don’t tell, in its truest form. But what happens when we can’t be in context in a given environment? While it may not be ideal, circumstances may warrant a more flexible approach to contextual research. Here are three...

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