Research lab fun!

We had a blast creating our 2023 holiday giveaway! To showcase our shiny new labs, we imagined an alternate universe where our own beloved pets became UX researchers and clients. Check them out in the photos below and enjoy a “behind-the-scenes” video of photoshoot outtakes

Behind the scenes

Whether it was wrangling dogs into lab coats or dispensing a mountain of treats, we took the mission very seriously and enjoyed every second of it! In addition to being just plain adorable, the calendar we put together supported research logistics by identifying which days of the month would result in higher participant show rates.

Check out the images below to find out what happened when we put our furry friends to work! 







Fletcher is fairly sure dogs are not supposed to be that particular shade of orange. He makes a mental note to do some research on that later.

Shadow checked the manual, but there was nothing in the troubleshooting section about this.

Beasley is a cat of science — he rejects the notion that curiosity is harmful to the feline species.

Skipper wonders if he should mention he’s never driven a car before.

Coco is far too sophisticated to cause a scene, but it’s time for lunch and she thinks the delay is unacceptable.

Ghost is just a little jealous because he doesn’t have a lab coat.

Tito and Tucker only went to med school so they’d be allowed on the bed.

It was at this moment Misty realized getting a degree in Canine Studies was probably a mistake.

Wow. These devices just keep getting smaller.

If there is one thing they all agree on, it’s that all the bowls are too far from the edge to “accidentally” knock off the table.

Bear doesn’t trust squeaky toys, but he will overcome his fear. At least he doesn’t know the cats are watching.

The committee is dedicated to challenging their biases and doing the important work to bridge the dog/cat divide.

Milo is realizing that “unlimited free snacks” has consequences.

Henry knows he’s gonna hear about it later, but all he wants to do is throw on that headset.

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