A year of bold moves: Celebrating Bold Insight UK’s first anniversary

February 6, 2023

Bold Insight U.K., a human factors and user experience (UX) research agency, excited to announce a successful first year of operation. The milestone marks a year of growth, innovation, and success. This team of experts, with specialties in medical devices, conversational user interfaces, global user research, privacy and security, and accessibility, combines cutting-edge methodologies with a deep understanding of user behaviour to deliver actionable, valuable insights to clients across industries.

Over the past year, Bold Insight U.K. has worked with a diverse range of clients, including start-ups and some of the largest companies in the world. Specialising in several areas, with extensive knowledge in the heavily regulated medical device space, Bold Insight U.K. is one of six companies in the ReSight Global family of UX agencies. Combined, ReSight Global offers clients over 220 UX experts around the globe, with offices in Tokyo, Shanghai, Chicago, London, Basel, Hamburg, Munich, Bangalore, and Pune.

“We started Bold Insight U.K. to provide UX services to the U.K. market and to facilitate access to the U.K. market for clients all over the world,” said Bob Schumacher, Managing Partner of Bold Insight U.K. “We’ve also found that clients appreciate our strong ties to the U.S. market through our established team of 100+ researchers in the U.S., and global reach through our ReSight Global sister companies.”

While building the company from the ground up, Bold Insight U.K. has been committed to fostering an employee-centred culture that provides team members with ownership opportunities and philanthropy: at least 3% of annual profit is earmarked for charities.

“We congratulate the Bold Insight U.K. team on an incredibly positive first year,” said Tim Bosenick, Managing Director of ReSight Global and Co-Founder of uintent, a UX firm based in Germany and Switzerland. “Having a presence in one of the key global markets enables our partners to offer seamless, high-quality research globally.”

For more information about Bold Insight U.K., reach out to [email protected].

About Bold Insight U.K.
Bold Insight U.K.
is a user experience (UX) and human factors research agency. Its work spans the product development life cycle; research informs early product design to global human factors validation, all to ensure user experiences are useful, usable, safe, engaging, and satisfying. Bold Insight works with digital, next-generation technology including medical devices, mobile apps, in-car systems, home appliances and more. It delivers research-based insights to empower designers to design with confidence.


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