Bold Insight expands benefits to address inequitable healthcare options

June 29, 2022

Bold Insight is committed to providing its team with equitable access to healthcare benefits. The Supreme Court’s decision has compromised this policy by taking away access to safe and private reproductive health care services. To address this inequity, Bold Insight will reimburse transportation expenses for employees and a support person who live in states that restrict reproductive services. Additionally, the company will ensure that no employee’s paid time off is negatively impacted for the additional travel time required.

“We couldn’t sit back and let team members lose access to potentially life-saving care,” said Catherine Hwang, Partner at Bold Insight. “We meticulously designed a policy that ensures the privacy of our employees and can be accessed immediately. We will remain responsive to changes in state laws and insurance coverage with the primary goal of providing a safe, equitable, empathetic, and supportive work culture.”

The leadership at Bold Insight continues to support its employees’ right to make health care choices that are right for them and will champion efforts to ensure this is available.