Bold Insight resumes in-person research, considered Essential business for healthcare-related research

May 11, 2020

Bold Insight conducts research that informs the development of safe and effective products, including medical devices. The portion of the research that is related to the commercialization of medical devices is therefore considered Essential Business as defined in Illinois Executive Order 2020-32 (COVID-19 Executive Order No. 30) Section 2 Part 12.

“While our designation as an Essential business for healthcare-related research in Illinois has been in effect since shelter-in-place orders began, we chose to pause in-person research at the end of March through June 1st to better prepare our teams, offices, and research facilities to adhere to new safety protocols,” said Bold Insight Managing Partner Korey Johnson. “We evaluated every touchpoint of the participant experience, from point of recruitment to study conclusion and made it as contactless as possible to not only ease the minds of those coming in for in-person sessions, but for our employees and client observers as well.”

Establishing an employee ‘COVID-response team’ that has immersed themselves in the latest office safety guidelines and evolving WHO and CDC recommendations, Bold Insight is making office modifications and drafting new safety protocols to reduce the risk of virus transmission for all office visitors and employees.

We are also monitoring this situation on a global scale with our UX partners ‘on the ground’. We’ve developed a web page for our clients and industry colleagues that reflects our weekly sync based on data from 22 countries: Using this data will assist in project scoping in key markets around the world.

“For most of our clients in the healthcare space, there is a significant pipeline of research that if not conducted in a timely fashion, will slow the commercialization of life-saving medical devices. We know that this is a challenging time for these clients as they weigh the risks and determine what portion of this research can be conducted remotely and what must be in-person,” said Johnson. “We’ve worked hard to make that difficult decision easier with careful and thorough planning with our team and partners.”