Bold Insight to present masterclass on how to build better, more trustworthy chatbots

October 3, 2023

This month, Bold Insight senior researchers Leigh Clark and Martin Porcheron will speak at the 7th edition, Chatbot Summit in London. The conference will unite prominent global brands, leaders in technology, and emerging startups, all collaborating to develop top-tier natural language experiences and bring them to market. Clark and Porcheron will explore topics of trust and the rules of conversation that help design better conversational flows in their two-part interactive masterclass, Beyond the script: Decoding trust and conversation dynamics to build better chatbots.  

“Designing effective, efficient, and easy to use conversational interfaces is essential for businesses – these technologies are customer’s first port of call for help and support and if the interface fails to support them, in a way that leaves them frustrated, it results in both a loss of trust in the technology and with a negative impression of the company and brand,” said Porcheron. “In this session, we’ll delve into how companies can design conversations to better help their customers.

Clark and Porcheron will also introduce ideas from conversation analysis (CA) – the study of interaction between people and the rules of how people talk. Through this, attendees will gain insights into how to design chatbot responses to better meet users’ needs and build their trust.

The conference will take place on October 11-12, 2023 at the ExCeL London. Clark and Porcheron present their masterclass on Wednesday, October 11, 13:00-15:00 BST. Visit the event website to register and learn more.

About Chatbot Summit
Founded in 2016, Chatbot Summit is the world’s leading conversational AI conference and expo series connecting eminent professionals who believe natural language will be the next curve in digital experiences. To date, they have held six successful international conferences, connecting thousands of organisations.

About Bold Insight
Bold Insight is a user experience and human factors research agency. Based in London and Chicago, our work spans the product development life cycle – from early product design to global human factors validation – all to ensure the user experience is useful, usable, and satisfying. We work with digital, next-generation technology including medical devices, mobile apps, in-car systems, home appliances and more, delivering research-based insights to empower confidence in design. Reach out!