Bold Insight to present on 2023 UX trends

November 21, 2022

This month, Bold Insight’s Kirsten Bruckbauer will speak at the UXalliance Leadership Series, an ongoing series of global events organized by the UXalliance that brings together leading user experience (UX) professionals from around the world. Bruckbauer, Director at Bold Insight, will participate in a panel discussion on top 2023 UX trends. Topics include the role of in-person research in today’s world, methodologies that adapt globally, and cultural diversity.

“At Bold Insight, we’ve gained concrete insight into the types of projects and research goals that are most in demand through the global work we’ve done in 2022,” said Bruckbauer. “This panel will be an opportunity to share and learn from our international research partners to create a cohesive map of the trends we foresee across global markets in the upcoming year.”

The panel will take place via Zoom at 10 a.m. CST on Tuesday, November 29. There are two events to reach all time zones. Visit the event website to register for free.

About the UXalliance
The UXalliance is a network of leading UX agencies and global organizations helping to design better international products with local research, insight, and design.

About Bold Insight
Based in Chicago and London, we are 100+ UX and human factors experts ready to tackle our client’s research questions with flexibility and agility. We are employee-owned, which translates to an unrelenting passion for project success. Ready to kick off a study? Reach out!


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