Provide assessment and solutions for call center application design

A major utilities and telco provider sought to improve their customer experience and operational efficiency.


We were asked to evaluate various aspects of our client’s call center and service technician operations to identify opportunities for system redesign.


Our team conducted contextual inquiries in the field with service technicians as they processed requests for installs, service, and repairs to identify opportunities to enhance efficiency and effectiveness at point of service. We also observed customer service representatives (CSRs) in the call center with an eye towards improvement at the service request level and led collaborative design sessions with the CSRs to identify workarounds that could be translated into system improvements.


We provided interface improvements on the CSR and service technician side that addressed both CSR’s desire for a more efficient order entry process, as well as service technician’s desire for accurate and timely access to customer information.




Exploratory / Foundational


Call center