Conduct global research on onboarding resources for products within technological ecosystems

A global technology company sought to understand the education and onboarding of products within prominent technological ecosystems throughout the world, and to evaluate how the success of onboarding and education is measured.


A global technology company wanted to build a comprehensive desk research report to understand the major technological ecosystems that currently exist, illustrate the process of how users are onboarded to various products within these ecosystems, and identify metrics used to measure the success of onboarding experiences.


Working with international partners, we conducted thorough desk research of current prominent technological ecosystems. We explored online resources provided directly from companies, and those from third parties and product users. Our report focused on visually illustrating the onboarding process for various products in eight countries and examining the metrics used to measure the performance of these processes.


This desk research provided insights into how major technology companies onboard users to a range of products in their ecosystems and evaluate the strength of their educational resources and onboarding processes. Our international research approach provided the opportunity to compare and contrast findings across eight different global markets.


Consumer technology


Desk research, Global research