Identify guest journeys and experiences at global resort chain

In order to improve their customer experience, a global hospitality company wanted to learn more about their guests’ journeys throughout and surrounding their resort stays.


A global hospitality company wanted to improve their customer resort experience and identify its market segmentation to understand its customers. We developed a research approach which explored guest journeys leading up to a stay at a resort, during a stay at a resort, and following a stay at a resort,  and observed how guests used digital assets along those journeys.


We collected information in two phases: in-resort interviews to gather feedback on aspects of the resort experience, and remote interviews to gather feedback on experiences that preceded and followed guests’ stays. These data were aggregated to understand the tasks and decisions that comprised participants’ journeys. Information about delighters, pain points, and experiences of difficulty were also gathered.


We created visual representations of the journeys focusing on guests’ activities and experiences (including interactions with digital assets). The client then participated in a co-creation session moderated by Bold Insight using guest experience research to drive innovation and future initiatives with a goal of improving guest experiences and the company’s outcomes.


Travel and hospitality


Co-creation workshop, In-depth interview, In-lab testing, Remote testing


Mobile app / Mobile device