Improve usability and identify behavioral use of mobile app for at-risk patients

A pharmaceutical company needed to test usability of an app for patients facing a serious medical condition.


A pharmaceutical company created a mobile app to provide informational resources for patients facing a serious medical condition. We were asked to evaluate the app for usability and understand behavioral use related to navigation and content.


We conducted 60-minute remote usability sessions with adult patients and caregivers throughout the United States. Participants were asked to interact with the app to evaluate its ease of understanding and presentation of relevant content. We observed participants as they performed key tasks and collected their feedback as they interacted with the application.


Our research uncovered users’ mental model of how to use the app and provided feedback on the design and content within the application, what worked well, and what could be improved. We provided recommendations in several areas of concern including ease of navigation, completeness, and visual accessibility.




Formative / Evaluative, Remote testing


Mobile app / Mobile device