Improve usability and messaging of news website and mobile app

A global biotechnology company wanted to assess the usefulness and usability of its informational website designed for clinicians.


The goal of this study was to determine if clinicians thought a website that consolidated content from various news sources trustworthy and easy to use. This was the US portion of a two-country study.


We conducted 90-min individual interviews with specialty healthcare providers. Participants interacted with a clickable prototype of both the desktop and mobile websites. In addition to testing the usability of the site, the various types of content were also evaluated.


Overall, our US findings highlighted that while participants found the site usable, the terminology used, lack of context, and trust of news sources impacted usefulness. We were able to identify simple fixes that could dramatically improve usefulness and mitigate the issues around credibility.




Formative / Evaluative


Clinician-centered digital app