Assess usability and preferences of phone cameras

A global telecommunications company wanted to evaluate how phone cameras met user expectations and usability needs.


A technology company sought to understand how users work with camera devices from a human factors perspective. We were asked to collect feedback on certain features and user preferences to establish expectations in the market, and provide insights on what was seen as important to certain user personas.


During one-on-one in-person usability sessions, we asked participants to complete tasks using multiple devices and then to respond to follow-up questions and complete a set of rating scales. Following these sessions, select participants were provided with devices for a take-home diary activity. These participants completed additional tasks with their devices and recorded their feedback in a diary format.


Both in-person and remote feedback on camera devices was used to summarize user needs and personas and to indicate general usability themes. We also utilized task data and rating scales to identify and compare differences between device types. Design recommendations were provided to mitigate observed usability issues.


Consumer technology


Diary study, Exploratory / Foundational


Mobile app / Mobile device