Evaluate design of new infusion pump carrying accessory

A pharmaceutical manufacturer sought to improve the design and usability of a currently available pump carrying accessory.


The manufacturer of a drug delivery pump sought feedback on a carrying accessory designed to allow the user to wear their pump under clothing. Three new variations of the carrying accessory were developed, each with different components. We were tasked with providing feedback to help determine which variation would provide the most substantial improvement in overall user experience.


We asked current and past users of the drug delivery pump to evaluate images and videos of three new designs. We identified pain points and avenues for improvement by asking users about specific instances where they struggled with their current carrying accessory.


Participants provided feedback based on various factors such as comfort, pump access, closures, and need for caretaker assistance. Our research clearly pointed to the most important attributes across designs, resulting in a hybrid design to meet user needs.




Formative / Evaluative, Remote testing


Drug delivery, Pumps and drug delivery devices