Assess usability of automotive mobile app workflows

An auto manufacturer sought to evaluate key features and workflows of two different mobile app prototypes.


An auto manufacturer wanted to evaluate specific features and workflows of two different mobile app prototypes. We were tasked with understanding user preferences and methods of communication with dealerships, as well as identifying the needs and expectations of users to improve mobile app usability and feature discoverability.


During one-on-one usability sessions, we asked participants to complete key tasks on the mobile application prototypes. We followed up by having participants compare specific features on the two prototypes. We collected feedback on first impressions, feature discoverability, usability, and general user experience.


Our research identified a clear preference for one of the prototypes and further identified user needs and expectations for the mobile app experience. The data we captured helped to inform the design approach and guide decisions for future development.




Formative / Evaluative


Mobile app / Mobile device