Evaluate language translation quality for global products

A global tech company sought to identify quality and needed improvements of translation technology for globally-used products.


A global technology company sought to implement a qualitative research program in 30+ global markets with the goal of understanding user satisfaction with language quality and identifying areas for improvement and further research. Specifically, they needed to grasp how language impacts brand perception and product usage, and what role it plays in user experience.


We managed concurrent studies across markets and ensured compliance with country-specific regulations and GDPR requirements regarding data privacy and permissions. Studies in each local market consisted of interviews with native speakers who completed tasks and gave language-related feedback on product language quality.


This program of research provided client product teams with in-depth insights into the quality and impact of translation processes for localized versions of their products. Studies in each market identified unique challenges experienced by local users and provided contextual opportunities for improving translation services across languages and products.


Consumer technology


Formative / Evaluative, Global research, In-depth interview, Remote testing


Mobile app / Mobile device