Explore elderly populations’ experiences with assistive technology

A global technology company wanted to develop a foundational cross-market understanding of the tech ecosystem experience of adults aged 65 years and older, including device use and their views on assistive technology.


A global technology company wanted to conduct foundational research on the ways that elderly populations viewed, understood, interacted with, and relied on devices and assistive technology in their life, including at the intersections of experiences with different disabilities and levels of tech use.


Alongside international partners, we developed a two-phase research approach. This included a five-day diary study to gauge device use and experience on a daily basis followed by in-home in-depth interviews with participants to discover more about how they used technology, when or how they asked for help with technology, and how those who self-identified as having a disability used assistive technology in their daily lives.


This foundational research provided insights into how this population viewed digital technology in society and what tools or assistance they used in their homes and lives. It also identified key gaps between their understanding of accessibility and the labelling of assistive technologies that they needed to access on their devices.


Consumer technology


Accessibility, Diary study, Exploratory / Foundational, In-depth interview


Mobile and PC, Voice-controlled technology