Explore the integration of AI and human interaction across a full product lifecycle

A global technology company wanted to drive buy-in for a new service that challenged existing assumptions.


We collaborated with stakeholders that included UXRs, designers, marketers, and engineers to inform the development of a premium product. The team wanted to understand and respond to user mental models about which tasks are most appropriate for humans and which for AI.


Our research supported the client across multiple stages of a P0 to P1 product. We engaged 180 users over 6 months to identify gaps and differentiation opportunities for the product relative to competitors. Through diary, survey, and IDIs, we identified task types and moments of truth required for conversions over time. Additionally, we planned, ran, and reported on a series of 2-week iterative design and testing sprints.


We identified and leveraged the moments of truth that drove conversion or churn at multiple stages of the user journey. Our long-term engagement resulted in a variety of deliverables and insights including quarterly roll-up reports to facilitate high-level understanding of findings and impact across multiple methods and a task taxonomy for strategic user onboarding and alignment with user journeys.


AI, Consumer technology


Diary study, Exploratory / Foundational, In-depth interview, Survey


AI-enabled product