Assess opportunities for app and game development, management tools

A multinational tech company needed to improve how different user groups monitor business performance of their games and apps.


A multinational technology company asked us to evaluate information architecture and navigation of a new developer tool used to publish and manage games and apps online. The objectives for the research were to evaluate user performance against a pre-defined task set as well as identify usability issues related to business performance, especially monetization of the games and apps.


We conducted global, remote, moderated usability tests with a medium-fidelity prototype across two weeks. Thirty participants consisting of engineers, quality assurance, marketing managers, and product managers were recruited from small to medium size companies in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.   


We observed several usability concerns that could prevent successful usage of the application. We also learned that factors such as job roles, business goals, and app type impact navigation approach. Several enhancements to the user experience were recommended.


Consumer technology


Formative / Evaluative, Global research, Remote testing


E-commerce, Gaming, Website