Improve usability of mobile app for MS patients

A developer of digital health self-assessment tools sought usability testing for an innovative smartphone app designed to help healthcare professionals and patients better understand MS.


We were tasked with evaluating the interface design of an innovative self-assessment app for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients. The app collects quantifiable data through a series of tasks performed by patients, which can be used to help healthcare professionals and patients better understand the progression of the disease. We were asked to uncover design inconsistencies and usability problems within the user interface and content areas.


For the US portion of this international study, we recruited MS patients for 60 minute in-person sessions. Participants were asked to complete a series of tasks with guidance from the application. After their attempts, participants were asked to evaluate the ease of understanding the application’s instructions and user interface.


Overall feedback from participants was positive with many indicating they would recommend the app to others. Our research uncovered inconsistencies in some task instructions and identified key areas where simple changes to photos or wording could reduce confusion and improve user experience and accuracy in completing tasks.




Exploratory / Foundational


Mobile app / Mobile device