Revolutionising women’s health: The power of Femtech and inclusive design

March 7, 2024

As a clinician specialising in obstetrics and gynecology ultrasound turned UX and human factors researcher, my passion for improving women’s health has driven my journey. Working in the National Health Service (NHS) has exposed me to the unique challenges and requirements in the women’s health domain, fueling my commitment to optimise tools and understand how people interact with devices.

Femtech encompasses technology-based solutions that cater specifically to women’s health and well-being. With numerous Femtech products emerging worldwide, we are witnessing a significant shift in the landscape of women’s health.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into why now is the perfect time to focus on Femtech, designing for inclusivity, and offer key considerations for Femtech products.

Why focus on Femtech?

Femtech has had a significant impact on the revolution of women’s health. One example of the impact of Femtech is its role in destigmatising menopause. A decade ago, was a topic that was not well understood or openly discussed. However, with the introduction of multiple Femtech solutions, menopause has become less taboo. This shift has prompted workplaces to provide more inclusive healthcare plans and support for women undergoing this life-changing transition.

User-centered design

As UX researchers, we understand the importance of considering female users’ preferences from the outset in the design of Femtech solutions. The vision should be to create user-centered products that empower women to manage their health proactively. Female users’ unique challenges and preferences should be central to the design of Femtech solutions to lead to more inclusive and effective products.

Recognition of diverse needs

Women’s health needs are diverse and can vary significantly depending on age, stage of life, cultural differences, health conditions, and socioeconomic backgrounds. As women progress through different stages of life, their needs and requirements change. Therefore, Femtech solutions should cater to the diverse needs of women to ensure they feel empowered to take charge of their health.

Join the Femtech revolution!

The Femtech revolution is not just about innovation; it’s about raising awareness and celebrating significant advancements in women’s health. Our team is championing UX research as a cornerstone of this revolution. Together, we’re creating usable, safe, and effective products that positively transform the lives of women worldwide.

Femtech is a game-changer for women’s health, and it’s about time we focus on designing products that cater to women’s unique needs and preferences. Join us in revolutionising women’s health!