Bold Insight featured in Healthcare Business Today highlighting the impact of user research to yield better healthcare product experiences

June 12, 2023

This week, Healthcare Business Today published the article, How UX Can Drive Healthcare Product Success, by Korey Johnson, Managing Partner at Bold Insight. In it, Johnson explains ways UX research can help assess and improve patient experiences.

“Creators of medical solutions are operating in high-stakes environments, with reports showing that a single negative healthcare experience can cause patients to stop adhering to a treatment or seek a different treatment entirely,” said Johnson. “This means it’s crucially important to design products with patient experience top of mind to increase the odds of positive experiences.”

The technology available to patients today, as well as evolving attitudes about where and how care can be delivered, mean that there is a moment of opportunity for medtech innovators. Those medical device manufacturers that leverage user research and approach product development with user empathy will be best equipped to design products that provide support, education, and validation necessary to usher patients confidently through use, thus laying the groundwork for positive health outcomes.

For more information about how to improve healthcare product experiences with user research, read the full article by visiting the Healthcare Business Today website.

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Bold Insight is a UX and human factors research agency based in Chicago. Executing projects that span the product development life cycle, we conduct user research informing early product design to global human factors validation. We work with digital, next-generation technology – medical devices to mobile apps, IFUs to customer journeys. Ready to kick off a study? Reach out!


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