Bold Insight highlights Child Abuse Prevention Month during 2021 Bold for Good campaign

April 1, 2021

Throughout 2021, Bold Insight is highlighting multiple charitable causes selected by the team to bring awareness to organizations making a difference in local communities or to support research efforts that aim to battle diseases impacting millions. This Bold for good campaign continues in April with National Child Abuse Prevention Month, the goal of which  is to educate, empower, and implement solutions to protect children and ensure they can thrive in safe, stable, and nurturing relationships.

“Many on our team were not aware of the organizations that could use our resources regarding this topic,” said Pamela Stoffregen-Gay, Partner at Bold Insight. “And that is the point of our Bold for good campaign: to shine a spotlight on so many worthy non-profits that do tireless work every single day. If we can bring awareness to just a few of those organizations or inspire others to seek out ways to get involved in their local community, then we’ve succeeded in one of the key pillars of our company mission.”

The statistics of the impact of child abuse are staggering: 7.5 million children in the US are affected by abuse and five children die every day from abuse. Consider donating this month to local and national organizations that advocate for children and Bold Insight will send an exclusive Child Abuse Prevention Month sticker as a thank you. The sticker incorporates the Pinwheels for Prevention campaign.

Organizations to support: