Bold Insight launches UX training program for project and product managers

May 2, 2018

Delivering an outstanding user experience is central to a successful product. Because of this, those responsible for managing product development are often called upon to incorporate user experience (UX) research and design into their processes. However, without a baseline knowledge of UX tools, costs, and language, communication begins to break down between design teams, costly design fixes are made too late in the process, budgets are misaligned, and customers may be frustrated. To address this need locally, Bold Insight is bringing the internationally-established User Experience for Project Management (UX-PM) Certification to the US.

The UX-PM Certification program began in 2014 and has certified more than 3,100 project, product, and marketing professionals across 17 countries. With the goal of a more successful UX integration into projects or product development, the three levels of certification address adopting, executing, and leading UX. Each certification level is a two-day intensive training aiming to equip attendees to:

  • Communicate confidently about UX,
  • Introduce a UX approach into projects and effectively include basic UX tools and methods,
  • Integrate UX based on operational and budget constraints.

“The UX-PM courses contain essential knowledge for product and project managers who want to do a great job infusing UX processes into their projects,” says Robert M. Schumacher, Ph.D., Managing Director, Bold Insight. “We actively engage the participants in key aspects of UX that will allow them to be maximally effective when working with UX professionals. Having worked with clients in almost every industry on thousands of projects, our team offers a real-world perspective which makes each course level unique and relevant.”

For more information about UX-PM Certification, including corporate discounts, reach out to [email protected].


About Bold Insight
Bold Insight helps clients deliver outstanding experiences to their customers by understanding user expectations and designing products that seamlessly fit into their lives. The team has conducted research on hundreds of products and services delivered on a variety of platforms, including websites, software, mobile devices, medical devices, voice assistants, connected devices, and in-car navigation systems.  Email [email protected] to discuss your next project.