Bold Insight tackles pediatric cancer journeys with UX research expertise

June 12, 2024

This week, Kirsten Bruckbauer, Director at Bold Insight, will participate in Yes We Cancer, a design challenge organized by UX for Good. This initiative brings together experience design and research professionals with unique knowledge and expertise to envision new interventions for families facing a pediatric cancer diagnosis. Despite remarkable advancements in medical treatment, families are thrust into financial, social, emotional, and job-related challenges that few are equipped to help them solve. The goal of Yes We Cancer is to understand and address these issues, providing the strength and support needed to navigate the most difficult obstacles. 

“Our goal is to dig deep into these families’ stories of trying to make ends meet, tapping into community support, and cultivating resilience within a system that isn’t designed to treat them holistically,” said Bruckbauer. “Our hope is to equip families to manage and thrive during and after pediatric cancer, ultimately enhancing their quality of life.” 

Philanthropy is central to Bold Insight’s mission, driving the commitment to improving how humans interact with products and services around the world. Through the Bold for Good initiative, team members actively support noble causes and continuously seek new opportunities to give back and advance the user experience (UX) field.  

The Yes We Cancer project will take place throughout the summer of 2024. Visit the event website to learn more or donate to support the work.  

About UX for Good
UX for Good uses design to tackle society’s greatest challenges and to make tangible, positive impacts on people’s lives. They aim to be the catalyst for impactful solutions to the world’s most pressing issues, constantly pushing the boundaries of how design can create a more equitable, understanding, and humane society. 

About Bold Insight 
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