Bold Insight’s Korey Johnson featured in MedTech Intelligence

May 9, 2023

This week, Korey Johnson, Managing Partner of Bold Insight, contributed to the online journal MedTech Intelligence with his article, How to Boost Patient Confidence Through Medical Device Design. Johnson details several tactical design approaches that can help medtech manufacturers inspire patient confidence in their products and ensure proper usage.

“Medical device designs that begin with empathy, keep ease of use at the forefront, and incorporate affordances to confirm proper usage can support users to deliver and receive quality care,” said Johnson. “User confidence isn’t developed in a vacuum, and it’s not always built by a linear process. Listen to your users to integrate ways to increase their confidence as their needs for your product evolve.”

For tips and medtech device design insight, read Johnson’s full article by visiting the MedTech Intelligence website.

About Bold Insight
Bold Insight is a UX and human factors research agency based in Chicago. Our research enables designers to design with confidence. We span the product development life cycle; informing early product design to global human factors validation, all to ensure user experiences are useful, usable, safe, engaging, and satisfying. Ready to discuss your next project? Reach out!

About MedTech Intelligence
MedTech Intelligence is a digital media community for medical technology innovators, healthcare delivery professionals, and industry regulators working to improve patient care and provide greater access to affordable, efficient healthcare. The organization informs, educates, and connects Medical Device, Diagnostic, Digital Health, and Regulatory organizations with original in-depth features and reports, curated industry news and user-contributed content, and live and virtual conferences that offer knowledge, perspective, strategies, and resources to aid in medical technology development, inspire collaboration, and share innovative solutions.





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