Bold Insight’s Korey Johnson interviewed by Healthcare Digital on medical device research and building patient confidence

April 3, 2023

This week, Healthcare Digital featured Korey Johnson, Managing Partner at Bold Insight. The article, Research on medical devices & building patient confidence, showcased a discussion between Johnson and Helen Sydney Adams, the Editor-in-Chief. They talked about how crucial it is for UX researchers and medtech companies to work together on medical device research. This collaboration aims to enhance patient trust in these devices. 

“Our work with medtech companies is deeply collaborative,” said Johnson. “This iterative process helps refine designs based on real-world interactions and feedback, providing people with products that are not only functional but also safe and user-friendly.” 

Creating patient confidence begins at the initial stages of development, starting with exploratory research to identify user needs and extending through human factors validation testing. Careful design paired with transparent communication is key for effectively addressing patient needs, leading to the successful adoption of medical devices. 

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Bold Insight is a UX and human factors research agency based in in Chicago and London. Executing projects that span the product development life cycle, we conduct user research informing early product design to global human factors validation. We work with digital, next-generation technology—medical devices to mobile apps, IFUs to customer journeys. Ready to kick off a study? Reach out!