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Mary McInnis

Senior UX Researcher

With a rich background of experience in automotive, Mary spent 10 years as a mechanical engineer in the industry, with roles in design, manufacturing, and quality. Her entry point to the user experience began there, in design validation testing. She has conducted qualitative and quantitative research in human factors and UX, on projects involving attentional, perceptual, cognitive load, and cognitive bias considerations. She is particularly interested in behavior change design, with training and experience in designing and testing behavioral interventions. Mary has a MS in Engineering Management from the University of Detroit-Mercy, and a MS in Human Factors Psychology from the University of Idaho.

Bold facts

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Something unique about you summed up in one sentence:

I can’t go slow on a bike.

Your favorite part of working at Bold Insight

All the humans here are so spectacularly human.

In your spare time (or if you had spare time), you would absolutely do this:

Write, preferably in a bougie local coffee shop with like eight different kinds of milk.

Your favorite city in the world is...and why?

McCall, Idaho. Because they have “every zestful sport” of course.

You cannot start the day without doing this:

Mixing up my proprietary Gen X tincture.

Your ultimate celebrity dinner party guest list would include:

Nikki Giovanni, Russell Brand, Peter Singer, Trevor Noah

Long-term personal or professional goal?

Maximize my reach in removing barriers to people living meaningful, thriving lives.

Any other facts to share?

Anyone here crazy enough to make a career pivot from mechanical engineer to yoga studio owner? [raises hand]

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